How will this renovation project help us reach our community for Christ?

Our facilities will have improvements to both worship spaces, the steeple, and our environmental controls. Enhanced signage for navigating people from the street to the sanctuary will help new people feel more at ease to become a part of our church. All these improvements will benefit everyone from the long-time attender to the people who have yet to be touched through our ministries.

How will we pay for this?

We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us a vision to lead people of a hurting world into new life through Jesus. We have faith that the Colonial Park family will rise to the challenge God has set for us. With God’s help and our sacrificial giving, we will reach our goals and improve our facility to help in our ministry to people now and in future generations.

How can I help?

First and foremost, please pray regularly for Accelerate.

Participate in the events and meetings. Make a commitment to learn as much as you can about Accelerate and the vision it will help us realize.

Give sacrificially. The vision God has granted us can only be achieved through faith and sacrifice. We have the privilege to be a part of growing His Kingdom in these last days!